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Colorado Civil War Reenactors

Welcome to the Home of the First Texas Company B


The First Texas company B is one of the best Civil War reenacting organizations comprised in the hobby of living history and Civil War reenacting.  The unit is headquartered in Colorado and commanded by Capt. Kevin Hall, a reenacting veteran of some 20 years.  Company B was part of the Texas Brigade organization commanded by Gen. King in Texas and attended most of the major Civil War events that the brigade attended and some that the unit felt were worth while.  The Company, by vote of it's members in August of 2004, voted to leave the Texas Brigade organization.  The Company, which was renamed as Co. M in the Texas Brigade organization, has gone back to their original Company identification, "Company B". The first is known as a "Hard Core" or "Campaigner" group. This means that when we reenact, we live as close as possible to how the real soldiers of the Civil War lived. We carry everything we need for an event on our backs. We do not use tents, but rather a gum blanket to keep us dry, and wool blankets to keep us warm. When you become a member of Company B, you will be a part of true history reenacting.  You will go back in time and relive the greatest conflict on American soil to the fullest extent possible.  You will also have the time of your life!  The members of the 1st Texas, Co. B are some of the best people you will ever meet and their knowledge of the period is first rate.  

  The 1st Texas Co. B also participates in other living history events from classroom demonstrations to parades.  This organization also portrays Federal soldiers when called upon to do so in order to balance the scale at major Civil War events or for some living history events right here in the Rocky Mountains that the organization takes part.  Most of these events are close to home in some of the historical parks and restored forts in the area.  Living "American" history is what this organization is about, not just Confederate history.  This organization has no political ideologies or affiliation with any, "hate groups" and such activities will not and are not tolerated.  This is a living history organization of amateur and professional historians that wish to educate not only themselves, but the public at large of what life was like in America over 100 years ago, be it in the Civil War or on the western frontier